Someone Has Created Edible Tide Pods Full Of Whiskey


Remember a couple of years ago where there was that whole craze of people eating tide pods and then having to go to hospital/dying because of all the chemicals that they had ingested through being major idiots?

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That was a real fun time to be alive and it looks like someone has finally decided to try and cash in on the fad a couple of years too late by releasing edible tide pods that are full of whiskey so you get messed up as well when you consume them. What a great idea right?

The tide pods come courtesy of the Glenlivet scotch distillery – one of the most successful in the world – and they’re titled ‘The Capsule Collection’. You simply pop them in your mouth, bite down and enjoy one of the three different flavours exploding in your mouth: citrus, wood or spice. Yum yum yum yum yum.

Unfortunately, it seems like they’re only going to be available as a promotional item from Tayer + Elementary bar for London cocktail week, running through October 13th and there’s no plans to make them available on the wider market. Probably for the best really as I can already see someone having a cocktail party and putting a big bowl of them out that someone will put real tide pods inside and end up with a murder case because nobody can tell the difference. Think about it – it’s the perfect crime.

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