People Are Now Vaping Tidepods

Vaping Tide Pods


One of the absolute dumbest recent trends out there is the one where people are eating Tide Pods and getting sent to the emergency room and getting their stomachs pumped because of it, but it continues to be a thing despite the fact that there’s more than enough information out there for you to realise that it’s a bad idea.

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I guess those Tide Pods do look kind of delicious though, and that’s why people keep coming back to them and trying to ingest them in dumber and dumber ways. The latest trend sees people trying to vape them, as you can see in the video below. How do you think that that’s going to go down?

Yep, doesn’t look like the guy had a very good time vaping that Tide Pod juice at all did he? I probably could have told you that before he even whacked it in his vape. Pretty sweet tricks he’s got there though, just an idea to lay off the Tide Pods if he doesn’t want to die.

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