Here Are Some US Coronavirus Protesters Attacking A Newscaster For Trying To Cover Their Story


As the lockdown continues to press on and there’s no real clear guidance anywhere for how we should emerge from it and attempt to kickstart the economy, we’re now seeing a growing number of people ignoring any kind of guidelines and taking to the streets in order to protest it, usually without even wearing face masks.

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To say this is beyond stupid is probably an understatement, but to make matters even worse these guys in Long Island, New York are now bullying, berating and harassing the newscaster who has literally come down to cover their story in an attempt to help them and get their message across. That’s kinda counterproductive because it’s just going to make them look terrible and undermine their cause, but I guess guys like this don’t really think about that do they?

Anyway, here’s footage from he rally and the original Facebook Live report from Kevin Vesey:

You would like to think that that was the one off, but I kinda feel like stuff like that is happening all over America – and possibly even the world – at the moment. Hope they end up getting what they want and thousands more don’t end up dying.

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