Anti Lockdown Protester Who Said It Was A ‘Political Ploy’ Is Killed By Coronavirus


There are a whole load of people out there who are protesting against the lockdown at the moment – particularly in America – and in the worst case scenario their actions are actually resulting in their deaths. Can someone please explain to them what is going on here?

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The latest sad case of this happening comes from Columbus, Ohio with the death of 60 year old John McDaniel. McDaniel had previously taken to Facebook to post a status ranting at Ohio governor Mike DeWine for locking down everything in the state, posting the following:


Whilst McDaniel may have had his opinions, sadly they weren’t based in reality and he was the first person in Marion County to die from the virus. Health Commissioner Traci Kinsler paid tribute, saying the following:

On behalf of the entire Marion County community, we express our deepest sympathies to his family and friends.

Our thoughts go out to the Marion County community, as well as all Ohioans, and those across the world battling this illness and the families of everyone affected by this pandemic.

It’s pretty easy to point and laugh at these idiots for denying the existence of Coronavirus and then ending up dead from it, but you’ve gotta remember that this was a man who had a family that’s now missing their father and show some compassion. Hopefully his stupidity and the consequences that followed from it will at least encourage other people to stay inside and not be as reckless. RIP.

Of course, if you’re a conspiracy theorist like McDaniel then you’ll probably argue that this is just the media putting out stories to ramp up the hype around Coronavirus and there’s no actual proof that he died from it and his family have just been paid off or something. Wish we would see a decline of people like that and their tinpot theories, but don’t think it’s going to be coming any time soon.

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