Some Pubs Are Opening At Midnight On April 12th As Restrictions Ease

Bit eager.

It’s been a hell of a long time since anyone in this country has been in an actual pub, but as restrictions are set to be lifted we’ll be able to head back to our favourite watering holes from Monday. Provided that they have an outdoor seating area and that you’ve reserved a table in them of course – don’t think they’ll be much chance of walk ups.

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Anyway, it turns out that people are so desperate to go drinking that they’ve bullied some of their local pubs to open up at midnight on Sunday so they can start downing pints in their preferred establishments literally the minute that they’re allowed to do so. In order to do this, pubs will need to hold a 24 hour licence – or apply for special dispensation – and also have an outdoor area.

The Kentish Belle in south west London has announced a one off special event for this occasion via their Twitter account and The Showtime in Huddersfield is another pub that have already stated they’ll be open:

Yeah I don’t know about you, but that doesn’t sound too appealing to me. Sure, it’s a great occasion and I imagine everyone attending will be in raucous form – I imagine they’ll probably have had a few at home before hand – but it’s probably going to be kinda chilly and it’s not like you can really cut loose as everyone’s gonna have work the day after. Just wait until Monday, or even better, the weekend. It’s not that hard to wait a little bit longer.

If you are desperate to head somewhere at midnight though, I would suggest that you get booking ASAP. Don’t have info on all the pubs doing this so just check with you local I guess. Good luck.

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