The Social Media Footage Of The Nice Lorry Attack Are Truly Horrific

Nice Truck

Extremely graphic.

Tragedy struck again last night after some idiot lorry driver decided to plough into a crowd of people celebrating Bastille Day in Nice, driving for 2km and killing over 80 of them. It’s the worst ever attack on Nice and absolutely awful news to wake up to.

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Dozens of videos of the attack have hit social media in the early hours and they really do emphasise the terror and horror of this event. The first one in particular, showing the aftermath of the attack with a bunch of mangled bodies all over the floor is one of the most disgusting things I think I’ve ever seen – I had to turn it off halfway through:

Fuck. I can’t imagine how fucking awful it must feel to have a truck come out of nowhere ploughing people down in front of you and killing your friends and then that truck keeps going for 2km afterwards as well. I’m glad the driver got shot dead and I wish that people would stop doing shit like this all the fucking time. Why the hell does this seem to happen every other week these days?

As always our thoughts and prayers are with everyone affected by this disaster. RIP.


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