Social Experiment Reveals The Relentless Sexual Abuse Women Receive Online

Shocked woman

There are a lot of perverts out there.

The internet has caused the biggest social shift in society over the last 12 or so years and although it is a fantastic tool for interaction, it is also rife with trolls and unsavoury people looking to use it for their own sexual gratification.

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The internet can be bleak, particularly for women, and from a man’s perspective it can be hard to understand just how much abuse women have to endure online. In order to highlight this issue, researcher and writer Jessica Eaton conducted a social experiment with her husband, to teach him what it’s like to be a woman online. Here’s how it went down:

Although the findings were pretty grim, the silver lining is that this story has gone viral and as such, has inspired other people to share their stories of unwanted messages they’ve received online.

As said, they might not be able to stop these perverts from sending their disgusting messages, but at least Jessica and her husband have raised awareness about the issue, which should help those who are working towards cracking down on online abuse. There are a lot of creeps out there – stay vigilant guys.


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