Girl Shares 10 Years Worth Of Disgusting Perverted Messages Guys Have Sent Her Online

Creepy Messages

These messages are actually disturbing.

Professional violinist Mia Mastumiya has that problem many girls have where creepy dudes she doesn’t even know think it’s OK to send her sexual proposals/strange messages online.

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In fact for Mia it’s been happening since way back in the Myspace days 10 years ago, and has carried on since, particularly on her OKCupid account she opened in 2015 (Erm, Tinder ever heard it?).

Anyway, Mia has taken to Instagram under the account name ‘Perv_Magnet’ to share some of the creepier and cringeworthy messages with the world:

I’ve archived 1,000+ messages from creeps, weirdos & fetishists over the past 10 years”. And we thank you Mia, because if there’s one thing we love, it’s exploring the minds of the utterly disgusting and perverted.

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God that must be annoying, but at least she’s learnt how to laugh at it and is also spreading the lolz around online. Also very fortunate to never catch anyone literally jacking off to her outside her window. There are people who actually do that.


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