Snoop Dogg’s Nephew ‘Nearly Passed Out’ After Smoking Weed With His Uncle

Come at the king you best not miss.

4/20 came around once again yesterday and as usual stoners met up all over the world to sit in parks, smoke up with one another and talk about all manner of super interesting subjects like their favourite strain of weed and the best Grateful Dead album. Such a classic event.

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Of course, the Doggfather himself was obviously involved with such a monumental worldwide marijuana event and this year he decided to smoke a blunt with his nephew Snap Dogg to celebrate. This didn’t exactly go so well for young Snap though, as he shared a video on his Instagram account of him smoking weed with his uncle and almost passing out because it was so strong:


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Lol. To be fair, I think that anyone who didn’t smoke about five blunts a day would have a torrid time keeping up with smoking even one joint with Snoop Dogg. You know that he’s packing that shit heavy style. Mad respect to Snap for even giving it a go.

Hope you managed to celebrate 4/20 as well as there guys. Smoke ’em up.

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