Snoop Dogg Received A Custom Made Bouquet With 48 Pre Rolled Joints For His 48th Birthday


What do you get for a literal millionaire who probably has everything he wants for his 48th birthday?

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Well if you’re buying a present for Snoop Dogg, then it’s pretty obvious you’re probably gonna wanna get something related to weed so it’s no surprises really that this is exactly what he received: a custom made bouquet of flowers with 48 joints planted in it – one for every year that he’s been alive. The bouquet arrived courtesy of Leslie K Monroy of Flowers On Flowerz in San Diego, a ‘cannabis floral designer/installation artist supporting children charities.’

Sounds like the perfect match – get a load of it below:

Yeah, you’re gonna be buzzing off that if you smoke weed and you’re Snoop Dogg although I can see a small problem with it. Recently on a Reddit AMA, Snoop said that he smoked 81 joints a day so it seems like the bouquet would fall a little short in just getting him high on a regular day, and you probably wanna go the extra distance on your birthday, right? Maybe get him two of them with 49 on each for his birthday next year hey?

For more Snoop Dogg, here he is talking about how he smoked so much weed he thought a Photoshopped picture of Kurt Cobain was real. Bonkers.


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