Watch How Fucking Fast Snoop Dogg Hits This Buzzer To Answer A Question About Weed

Snoop Dogg heard the word ‘weed’ and developed next level hand speed.

Snoop Dogg was on ‘Celebrity Family Feud’ the other night – the US version of Family Fortunes. He was going up against Sugar Ray Leonard when at one point host Steve Harvey asked a question involving his favourite topic – marijuana.

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Well Snoop heard the word ‘weed’ and couldn’t have hit the buzzer any faster if he tried.

Might be shocking that Sugar Ray got a higher-scoring answer than Snoop Dogg on a question about weed, but what’s more shocking is that a lifelong stoner has faster hands than fucking Sugay Ray Leonard. I know he’s like 60 years old but still, that’s going to bother him for a few days. Bottom line is no one reacts faster than Snoop Dogg at any mention of marijuana.

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