People Are Saying That Snapchat’s New Gender Swap Filter Is ‘Transphobic’

Was waiting for this.

Everyone seems to be having a blast with Snapchat’s new gender-swap filter, which allows you to alter your appearance and see your gender-swapped alter ego.

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The filters give users either typically male features such as a square jawline and facial hair, or typically female features, such as long hair and a slimmer face.

It’s a lot of fun seeing what you and others might look like if you were born as the opposite sex, and has even resulted in some brilliant content from creative people on social media.

For example:

But as with anything people find joy in these days, someone just had to turn up and try to spoil what most people just see as harmless fun:

Some of the ‘woke’ media companies are even getting in on the action:

Obviously any reasonable and sensible person has no problem with the trans community and similarly the majority of that community will not have a problem with Snapchat’s new gender swap filter, but you’re always going to get a loud minority of people losing their minds on the internet about anything that could be deemed offensive these days.

That’s not to say that there are not transphobic people out there who could use the app to mock LGBT people, but why should that spoil the fun for everyone else? Where’s the same outrage for Snapchat filters that make you look fat or give you goofy teeth and glasses?

Just seems a completely OTT reaction IMO. Like the time people accused ‘Friends’ of being sexist, transphobic and homophobic.


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