This Guy Who Tried To Sneak Alcohol Into Saudi Arabia Is Royally Screwed

A brave effort.

Saudi Arabian customs posted this photo on Twitter earlier of a man who was coming in from Bahrain, trying to sneak in a bunch of alcohol under his thawb by stitching it into his clothes and taping it to his butt and legs.

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He must have overdid it just a bit because customs noticed he was walking kind of funny around the airport, so they stopped him, searched him and found the whole lot.

Here’s the photo Saudi Customs shared on their Twitter page, alongside others they’ve caught and made examples of in the past:

Customs said the guy had 14 bottles of alcohol in total; a few Johnnie Walker Red Labels, a couple bottles of vodka and some travel-sized alcohol.

Needless to say, Saudi Arabia don’t take too kindly to people trying to smuggle alcohol into their country. Anyone who’s been caught in the past has been publically whipped and beaten as well as thrown in jail, so I really don’t know what this dumb fuck was thinking even trying this move. He must’ve known he’d be in for a nightmare if he got caught, but he went for it anyway.

There’s really no reasoning with the savages who run things over there. We all remember what happened to that Saudi blogger who talked shit about Islam on his blog.


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