You Can Now Smoke Weed Out Of Hunter S. Thompson’s Head

Pack the pipe.

A company called WTP Art on Etsy are selling handmade ceramic and terracotta pipes of characters and celebrities such as Tom Waits, Hunter S. Thompson, The Dude from ‘The Big Lebowski’ and many more.

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I can’t think of any better way to honour the great Thompson than by smoking weed from his head.

Pipe Pipe 1 Pipe 2 Pipe 3

There are quite a few options on their Etsy page and all of the pipes are handcrafted and made to order. In addition, they even make bespoke pipes based on requests. Although you might want to have a proper browse because there really are a lot of options – there’s even a Charles Bukowski one.

Pipe 4

So niche and so very cool – I’m putting my order in now. They’re not even too expensive, at just (roughly) 30 quid a piece. That’s the next few birthday and Christmas presents sorted.

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