The Smog Problem In China Is So Bad That This Guy Vacuumed It Up And Made An Actual Brick

All jokes aside, this is absolutely crazy.

A Chinese artist spent 100 days walking the streets of Beijing with a vacuum cleaner, and has actually managed to create a BRICK out of the city’s polluted air.

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The artist, known as ‘Nut Brother’ (cool name bro), walked around Beijing for about 4 hours a day, pushing an 1,000-watt industrial vacuum cleaner about and holding the nozzle in the air.

It collected so much dust and smog that he was able to mix it with a bit of clay and make a brick out of it. Grimy!

When asked if his health was affected by walking around in the smog for so long, Nut Brother said he felt “okay”, just a little “numb”, which isn’t really a helpful answer but hey, the guy made a brick out of smog so can’t explain him to be a riveting interview too.


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So yeah, kind of weird that China is on course to become the next big superpower, but can’t even sort out their smog problem. Seems like the kind of thing that puts a massive dent in your aspirations to be the most powerful country in the world. Are you even really a country when no one can even go outside and kids can’t even go to school because no one can see through the smog? I mean the UK might be hopeless at dealing with a few inches of snow but at least we don’t have gross smog everywhere we go.

Wait, can’t we just find Nut Brother a crew and just pay them all to vacuum the smog all day? Just turn all that smog into bricks and build new houses. Problem solved! Come on China, can’t believe I just figured that out for you.

P.S. China released a list of 5 reasons why smog is a GOOD thing, and it’s one of the funniest things you’ll ever read.


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