New Dating Service Allows You To Pick Partner Based On The Smell Of Their Three-Day Old Shirt

Tinder not working out for you? Why not give Smell Dating a try…

A New York-based matchmaking service has come up with a new idea for bringing potential lovers together — have them sniff out their perfect match by breathing in the odours from each other’s three-day old T-shirts.

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Each of their first 100 clients received a T-shirt to wear for 3 days straight WITHOUT bathing. The clients then mailed the T-shirts back to Smell Dating HQ, where they were cut into swatches. Smell Dating then sent batches of 10 mixed swatches back to the clients to sniff each other.

If two clients like the scent of each other, boom — they’re a match.

The idea is based around the science of pheromones; the chemical signals that animals give off to entice mates.

CEO Tega Brain says:

Most normal dating services, you rely on profile pictures, assumptions that come from visual information. You either really like the smell of someone or you don’t. It’s much more innate.


I’ve got a funny feeling that this service is going to attract a shit ton of weirdos, you know, the ones who already have a fetish for buying other people’s clothes/underwear/shoes online and sniffing them. Perhaps the grossest aspect though is the fact you’re required not to shower for three days. I mean one day I can deal with, two days is pushing it, but three days? You’ve pretty much given up on trying to be a normal human being if you don’t shower for three days.

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