Smash Mouth Received Actual Hate Mail After Their Recent Concert Was Linked To Coronavirus Outbreak

The hate is real.

You might remember a few weeks ago where the dumb late 90s rock band Smash Mouth copped a load of shit for playing some festival in South Dakota that a load of people ended up contracting Coronavirus from, and it turns out that someone was so angry at them that they sent them actual hate mail about it. In the actual mail.

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We know this because Smash Mouth decided to document the curious phenomenon via their Instagram page, showing us a snippet of the letter and the smashed CD that was also included with it. Talk about making a statement.

Take a look at this:


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Lol. Ok a few things I wanna say about this:

  • Gotta say that it’s pretty badass of Smashmouth to just post this up on their Instagram and double down on the fact that they don’t give a fuck about what they did. For a band that wrote such cheerful happy songs it sure seems like they’re kinda pissed off about everything.
  • How has this person managed to track down the address to send Smash Mouth a letter? I know that there used to be a mailing list on CD inlays, but surely that address can’t still be in existence to receive letters regarding Smash Mouth? When was the last time anyone else ever sent a letter to them?
  • What the hell did the letter say? I can make out ‘selfish’, ‘kills’ and ‘motherfuckers’ so I get the gist of what’s going on, but damn if I don’t wanna know exactly what was said in there. Looks like they’re venting a lot of vitriol.
  • Would love to find out who actually sent the letter as well. Obviously they sound kinda cool because they’re sending a broken Smash Mouth CD to Smash Mouth because they’re pissed off about their response to COVID, but paradoxically that also makes them a complete loser. Would be fascinating to find out what they look like.

Basically, we need more information about this. Help us out here Smash Mouth.

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