This Smart Mattress Lets You Know If Your Boyfriend / Girlfriend Is Cheating On You

Paranoid? This is the product for you.

When trust just isn’t enough, you need something that might bump up those paranoia levels up but also keep you informed should your paranoia end up justified.

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Spanish company Durmet have created the Smattress – a smart bed designed to figure out when your partner is cheating on you, using motion-sensor technology.

The bed has vibration sensors in the bed springs, which transfer data to your smartphone. The Smarttress app can then give you play-by-play details of what’s going on in your bed, with detailed graphics including a speedometer and pressure points. Damn.

Watch below:

For a split second I thought this was a great idea, but then I thought about it and it’s actually the worst idea ever. I mean who the hell cheats in their own bed? Cheaters go to Travelodges and sometimes more expensive hotels. They don’t cheat at home. That’s like the #1 rule of cheating. If anything this bed keeps the cheater’s secret safe. As long as they’re cheating away from home, they can’t be caught out.

At the same time though isn’t your relationship already doomed if you have to buy this bed to make sure your partner isn’t cheating? It’s that kind of distrust that will push them to cheat on you in the first place (at a hotel).

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