Short Dude And Giant Dude Fight To The Death Over A Pop Tart (VIDEO)

short vs tall

Hell hath no fury like a guy getting his food stolen.

There’s something ever so satisfying about seeing a guy beating the odds, and watching a really short guy go into a fight with a guy way taller than him definitely falls into that category. Especially when the fight is as epic as this one.

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In the video below, some tall guy has been stealing some fat short nerdy guy’s pop tarts and he is not happy about it at all and steps up to him without any fear in the world. Shortly afterwards they’re going at it in a fight that lasts for two minutes and even involves the tall guy swinging his keys at the short guy. Brutal:

What a relentless attack. I wanted to say the short guy won but when they pan over to him at the end he’s not looking good at all. I guess there’s no real winner, but it seems like everyone is rinsing the tall guy, so at least the short guy got some props. It’s never going to bring his pop tarts back unfortunately though.

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