Slipknot Could Dethrone Ed Sheeran From The Top Of The Album Charts

They’re leading the midweek sales.

It’s been a long time since I’ve cared about who was top of the charts in the UK, but the current race for the number one spot this week has got me back interested.

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Ed Sheeran has been number one for the last four weeks following the release of his ‘Number 6 Collaborations’ record, but that could all be set to change as the masked metal warriors Slipknot have returned with their first album in five years ‘We Are Not Your Kind’. According to the midweek figures, Slipknot are currently leading Ed Sheeran at the halfway point by 13,000 chart sales with Slipknot having shifted more physical copies but Ed currently having the upper hand when it comes to streaming.

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The thing is, most of those physical copies will have been pre-orders that have already been sold and that number is probably going to dwindle as we head towards the end of the week, whereas your mom and dad and Wayne Rooney are going to be streaming Ed Sheeran all week long. This sadly means that Ed might come out on top, unless we all either buy the Slipknot album now or start streaming it incessantly.

I haven’t really got anything against Ed Sheeran and I don’t really love Slipknot either, but Ed’s music is just so middle of the road and boring that I can’t help but root for The Clown and Corey Taylor on this one. Do yourself a favour and have a listen to it, even if it isn’t your usual thing. You never know what you might end up liking.

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