Slipknot Are Launching Their Own Official Cruise

Terror on the high seas.

More and more artists these days are feeling the need to hit the high seas and embark on a cruise with all their fans for a few days whilst playing a couple of sets and the latest one of these is none other than metal’s true heroes Slipknot.

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Knotfest At Sea is taking place from August 10th- 14th around the Mediterranean and look like it would probably be a pretty fun event – but it’s gonna cost you a pretty penny if you want to take part in it, with prices starting at $1,150 (€1,040.60) per person for an interior stateroom, while an ocean view stateroom costs $1,550 (€1,402.55). Balconies and suites are even pricier, setting you back a cool $1,850 (€1,674).

Slipknot are confirmed to play two sets over the course of the cruise, but no other bands or activities etc have been confirmed at the time of writing. These are expected to be confirmed in the next couple of weeks and with prices like that you would be expecting someone like Korn or Tool or the Deftones to be showing up as well. Really need to pull out all the stops to justify anyone parting with that amount of money.

Anyway, here’s Clown with the official announcement video:

I meant that does make it look completely sick doesn’t it, but am I gonna spend probably around £2000 on attending? Probably not, but I guess a guy can dream hey?

I kinda would have thought that they might have made it a bit cheaper considering that you don’t really associate people in the metal community with big bad ass baller jobs, but maybe that’s just an antiquated view of how things are these days. I don’t really know.

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