Slip’n’Slide Video At 1000 FPS (Guarenteed To Make You Smile)


If you’re not smiling by the end of this video then you’re a total misery bag and there’s absolutely no hope for you.


For a YouTube video to make you feel good it must consist of several things that each add to it’s ‘feel good factor’. This video has shit loads of these things and will therefore cheer up even the most miserable bastard just by watching it from start the end. This is a great example of a truly natural anti-depressant.

First of all, the video features a big ass slip’n’slide with three paddling pools at the end – which is a great start. Who doesn’t like slip’n’slides? I freaking love the things, there’s just something about the combination of a big slide and water that is mega fun. Plus if you go to a theme park abroad it’s completely acceptable to drink beers throughout the day while you’re sessioning the slides, and everyone knows that things are 3x more fun when you’re wasted.

Anyway, the second thing in this video that makes it have a massive feel good factor is that it’s sunny. It’s hardly fvcking sunny in England and when it is it’s usually still windy/cold or it only lasts for half a day. It truly sucks, and vitamin D deficiency is a massive problem, especially in Manchester. Just watching these guys having a total blast in the sun reminds me of the 3 days that it was sunny this year and all the fun I had getting trashed in beer gardens for those three days. Maybe next year we’ll have more luck eh.

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Finally the third and final thing to make this video so god damn happy is that everyone in it looks like they’re having a BLAST. I’d give my left nut to spend a day with these guys and girl on their slip’n’slide – I’d forget all the problems in the world and be overly content with the simple pleasure of a make shift slide, some running water and a few paddling pools. So check out the video below, I guarantee you’ll be smiling by the end of it. If you’re not then you’re a miserable fucker and there’s no hope. Enjoy:

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