Best New Tumblr Find: Slightly Wrong Quotations On T-Shirts

Slightyl Wrong Quotations Featured

If you want to troll your best friend for Christmas, why not get them a t-shirt of their favourite TV show with a slightly wrong quotation on it?

This tumblr is so new it’s only been around a couple of days but it’s still got a bunch of dumb fake t-shirts with slightly wrong quotations alongside the character/movie/TV show that they’re from on it. So you’ve got all of the seminal movies, TV shows from the last couple of decades  – Friends, Star Wars, Alien, Terminator, One Foot In The Grave etc – alongside their iconic quotations that have been slightly messed up. And for the most part it’s actually pretty funny.

As a bonus too, if you fancy spending £20 then you can actually buy a few of these t-shirts. They would probably make a fairly funny Christmas present for the dumbest person you know so I expect the dude who made the tumblr to sell a fair few.

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