The Slashed Everton Fan Has Revealed His Gruesome Facial Injuries After Millwall Brawl


I think most people know that anyone fighting someone else because of the football team they support is completely idiotic behaviour, but for some reason it still continues to happen almost every weekend.

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There was particularly carnage this weekend before the 4th round FA cup tie between Everton and Millwall. Millwall fans are notoriously violent and it all kicked off before the game between the two sets of fans near a block of flats on Hawkstone Road which is on the way from the tube to their ground.

Police were able to break up the fight but not until some serious damage was done to both sets of supporters. Perhaps the man to come off the worst in the incident was Everton fan Jay Burns, who was slashed in the face with a knife by Millwall fans and took to Facebook to share his battle scars:

Jay Burns

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Geez that’s pretty goddamn gruesome isn’t it? I know I opened up this article saying that anyone that fought over football was an idiot, but I just wanna reiterate that opinion in the face of what’s happened to Jay here because he has been well and truly ripped a new one there. And just because some Millwall pricks think their team is better than his? Truly reprehensible behaviour.

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