Watch Slash, Duff And Axl Rose Play Their First Show Together As Guns N Roses In 23 Years

Axl And Slash

They said it would never happen.

Even if you don’t like Guns N Roses then you would probably know at least something about their history and the fact that all of the members of the band were estranged from lead singer Axl Rose for many years, after countless rock n roll excesses caught up with them all.

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As such, Axl kept on fronting the band with the help of an ever revolving roster of guest musicians, whilst all the other members went off and did their own things. The original iconic lineup therefore didn’t play together for 23 years.

That all changed on Saturday night though. It was announced earlier this year that the band would get back together to headline Coachella, and on Saturday night they played their first show together in 23 years to warm up for it at The Troubadour in LA. Here’s them playing Welcome To The Jungle – even if you have no interest in G N R, you have to admit that this is a truly historic moment for music:

OK, so Izzy Stradlin and Steven Adler aren’t there and Axl Rose is an old fat man, but that pretty much does the job for me. Axl kinda sounds like he can still sing – although you can’t really hear him because of all the fans going crazy singing along in the crowd – and Slash and Duff have never lost it so it sounds absolutely banging really doesn’t it? Historic like I said.

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