Skydivers Piss All Over World Record


138 skydivers completely smash previous world record and they’re all bros because they have huge balls.


Skydiving is cool. It’s cool because it takes balls and only real dudes with huge sacks do it. You jump out of the plane/helicopter/air balloon/fighter jet/whatever and there’s nothing to save you from becoming a huge pulp of intestines and teeth apart from a parachute and I kinda guess it’s a pretty awesome feeling when you’re falling through the air the same speed as an F1 car burning up the track. It’s a bit of a double-edged sword, though, because it might be an epic feeling but if your parachute doesn’t work you’re gonna be fvcking dead.

These guys know what it’s like to be awesome, though, because they recently annihilated a world record. 138 of them vertically (heads-down) skydived at speeds of up to 220mph in a snowflake formation and it really makes me want to stop having tiny balls because it looks fvcking cool. The previous record was set by 109 people so, yeah, these guys ruined them.

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