Skydiver Lands In The Middle Of Football Game, Promptly Gets Given A Yellow Card (VIDEO)

Ref let him off easy.

We all know that diving is a serious problem in football and that the referees don’t punish it nearly enough, but what about if you literally dive in onto the field from the sky?

Well apparently that’s a step too far and you’ll get slapped with a yellow card…

Couldn’t the ref have played an advantage there? It looked like the green team were really about to get down the flank. The incident took place miles away from the ball and it seemed like they had a clear advantage. Couldn’t the ref have waited until after the attack was done to stop play and make the booking?

What I really want to know though is whether this skydiver actually planned on dropping down onto the pitch in the middle of a football game in Poland. He doesn’t seem to be making too much of it on landing so I think he genuinely just got lost and decided to make an impromptu landing. Someone call him an Uber I guess?

For footage of the 126kg player who is currently bossing the Chinese second division, click HERE. Serious tekkers.


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