12-Year-Old Skateboarder Sky Brown Is Heading To The Olympics For Great Britain & She Is A Beast

This girl is immense.

Athletes train their entire lives to get to the Olympics, putting in countless hours of blood, sweat and tears to break through the ranks and compete on the ultimate global stage. And when they do finally make it, there’s usually a chance it will be their one and only time participating in the world’s most prestigious competition.

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Meanwhile, you’ve got 12-year-old Sky Brown who is set to become Great Britain’s youngest ever Olympian at this summer’s Tokyo Olympics (well OK she’ll be 13 by the time the Games start, but still)…

Never mind that Sky is only half-British and has never actually lived in Britain; she’s representing Blighty and that’s all that matters.

If these clips are anything to go by, she’s gonna smash it too…

Yup, that’s right – she’s even been bigged up by Tony Hawk. When the rest of us were Sky’s age we were sat on our butts playing Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater, meanwhile Sky Brown is out here actually pulling off those same moves IRL on the same halfpipes as the legend himself.

And doing the whole girl power role model thing too while she’s at it…

Awesome stuff. Can’t wait to see Sky tear shit up at the Olympic Games this Summer. Go Sky Go!

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