Skrillex Remix Feat. Goats

Video of goats yelling like humans goes viral. Someone decides to make a mash up for Skrillex and goats yelling like humans – it was bound to happen really.

Skrillex Goat

So everyone’s been popping boners left right and centre over this viral video of goats making weird noises that makes them sound like humans, it’s all I’ve seen on Facebook for the last 6 days straight, and yeah, it’s actually really funny. If you’ve been living under a rock (or North Korea) for the last week, check out the post we did about the human sounding goats right here.

Whenever a video goes viral, there is always the chance that it will have a knock on effect and cause other viral videos to be made, which is exactly what has happened today. Not being content with a video of a bunch of goats sounding like humans, some clever clogs has taken it upon themselves to put together a mash up video of a Skrillex song mixed with goats sounding like humans. Pure genius really. The funny thing is how perfectly these human sounding goats actually fit in alongside Skrillex’s wubs and wobz and why no industrial dubstep producer has ever used human sounding goats as a sample is beyond me. Check out the video below and take some inspiration for your next 140BPM masterpiece.

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