This New Supersonic Jet Will Fly You From LDN To NYC In 30 Minutes


You could be flying to NY in the same time it takes you to get to Aldi.

What normally takes you 30 minutes? Your morning coffee – ciggy – shit – shower routine, perhaps? Well it looks like pretty soon you’ll be able to get to New York from London in that same time you’re usually just contemplating your life, and whether it’s a “jumper day” or not.

Canadian designer and engineer Charles Bombardier (good name btw) hopes to achieve this with his plans to build a futuristic supersonic jet, called the Skreemr.


The jet would be launched out of a magnetically-charged system at an unbelievable speed, then it would use liquid oxygen to rise in velocity and altitude until it’s moving at a sufficient rate to effectively compress incoming air for engine combustion.

It would then burn hydrogen and compressed oxygen to accelerate to around 6,600 mph. To put this into context, the Boeing 747 flies at around 570mph, around the same sort of speeds those lunatic jetmen flew in this video we featured recently.

Skreemr Jet

There are difficulties with all this mad speed however. Chiefly, how do you make sure everyone doesn’t pass out: either from all that pressure during take-off or that Mach 10 speed in the air?

These are minor worries however, our man Bombardier has previous designs that include cargo planes, semi-submersible cars and jet-boats; I’m sure he knows what he’s doing.


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