Skint Football Team Use Shirt Numbers To Advertise Special Offers At Local Supermarket


Strapped for cash.

Brazilian football team Fluminense de Feira have taken the concept of shirt sponsorship to the next level, by using them to advertise special offers at their local supermarket.

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Clearly they must be a little strapped for cash – instead of just having the sponsor’s logo on their kits, the team have also added the prices of supermarket bargains.

Where they would normally have their name and number on the back of the shirts, they’ve not got items such as ‘pizza’ and ‘shampoo’ along with the prices. So instead of his usual number 10, star striker Fernando Sobral is ’10.98’. Another guy has ’20.38’ to promote the cost of shaving cream and so on.

Apparently their marketing director, Xiko Melo, said the move was important because at the moment they’re not getting much financial support from the Brazilian Football Confederation:

You cannot put together a good team without conditions and having a good team requires resources.

We had a few sponsors in the beginning, so we decided to have sponsors per game.

Well, it looks like these footballers are stuck with their new numbers – or at least until their sponsor puts on their next sale. I hope they start bringing this idea over to other teams – it might serve as a much needed slice of humble pie.


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