Footballer Accidentally Thanks Wife AND Girlfriend In Man Of The Match Speech

Mohammed Anas

Slip of the tongue.

Ghanaian footballer Mohammed Anas made the ultimate blunder during what is being described as, “the greatest man of the match speech of all time”.

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After earning the man of the match award for his incredible performance for his Free State Stars team in their game with Ajax Cape Town last Friday, Anas was then questioned in the post-match interview.

All he had to do was speak about his achievement and try not to let slip that he had been cheating on his wife. Clearly this was just too much to remember, as he ended up thanking his wife and his girlfriend. Whoops.

Lol. He couldn’t help but stutter as soon as he realised what a huge mistake he’d just made. Something tells me Anas is going to be sleeping on the sofa for the next few months.

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