Watch These Skaters Completely Shred An Empty Waterpark In Dubai

Skaters Dubai Water Park

This video needs to be longer.

It seems like a no brainer that when you drain your water park, you should probably get some of the best skateboarders in the world to come and rip it up, but I don’t actually think that this has started happening until recently.

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The video below now showcases the turn of Dubai’s epic ‘Aquaventure’, which could possibly be the biggest and best water park in the world. Alex Sorgente, Milton Martinez and Jan Hoffman received the call from the park’s management and set about skating on some of the most ridiculous and dangerous terrain the world has ever seen:

Slick. To be honest if anything it’s kind of way too short because I could have probably watched at least 20 minutes of those three shredding it up all over that water park. It’s completely awesome.

If you enjoyed that, check out this clip of skaters tearing up an old abandoned water park too.


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