Skaters Gain Entry To A Wind Turbine Factory And The Results Are Incredible (VIDEO)

Half pipes for days.

Skaters are always looking for the next spots to shred and I’m surprised it’s taken any of them so long to ask the permission of a guy who owns a wind turbine factory because it seems like the perfect spot to bust out some tricks judging by this video. They’re essentially making bespoke half pipes 24/7.

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Ryan Sheckler, Zion Wright and Danny Leon were invited by Dacero and Windar Renewables, part of the Daniel Alonso Group based in Asturias, Spain to the factory to film a spot and they did not disappoint. The short video details the entire process of building a wind turbine from start to finish, only with these guys shredding on all the different parts during it and absolutely killing it:

Nice. I especially like it when they’re skating through the giant tubs and tricking out of them and onto rails. Really nice imagery and really nice tricks, and I suppose it’s promoting wind turbines too which can only be a good thing because they represent clean energy. Great video all round.

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