Skateboarder Obliterates Bully With His Board On South Los Angeles Metro (VIDEO)

You love to see it.

Picking fights with people holding skateboards is like going after someone holding a medieval bludgeoning weapon – it’s just not a good idea at all.

One wannabe tough guy found this out the hard way after trying to bully a skater aboard the South LA Metro last week:

@9abbyyySome fuck shit always gotta happen on the metro 😭

♬ original sound – gabby!!

Can’t really ask for a better ending than that, can you? Skater does what he can to avoid a physical confrontation but is eventually pushed to his limit and cracks the guy’s skull open with a swing of his skateboard. The kick to the neck afterwards was a nice touch too.

What I love most though is the look on the guy’s face when he’s off the train on his bike afterwards. The look of a man who has suddenly realised that actions have consequences. Do not mess with skateboarders – lesson learned (well, hopefully).

For gnarly footage of hundreds of skaters obliterating themselves down Dolores Street in San Francisco, click HERE. Fun times.


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