Watch A Skateboarder Fall 450 Feet Off A Bridge As He Tries To Grind The Cables Tony Hawk’s Style

Skateboarder Grinds Suspension Bridge Falls

This was not a good idea.

Ever since the first Tony Hawk’s game came out all those years ago, I’m sure I’m not alone in imagining what it would actually look like if someone managed to perform some of the crazy lines and tricks and combos that you used to pull out on the reg on it. Of course, it was unlikely that this would ever happen in reality because a lot of them were literally impossible.

However, one dude on Rotterdam attempted to do it anyway, as he scaled the 450 foot Erasmus Bridge with his skateboard and then tried to grind down one of the rails. Unfortunately it didn’t go down so well, and he ended up falling the majority of the distance into the water.

The video was posted with the caption that he was OK though and wasn’t seriously injured in the fall, despite it looking like it probably would have killed him.

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Ouch. A lot of people are questioning whether the video is in fact real and you can understand why because it’s pretty unbelievable and you don’t actually see the dude get to the top and it’s shot from pretty far away. The Dutch police are also saying that there weren’t any reports of this incident when it happened and you would have though somebody in the vicinity would have called it in, even if the people filming it didn’t.

It’s also widely believed that anyone falling from that height into the water would die, so perhaps it is a fake. Maybe next time someone wants to recreate Tony Hawk’s then they should just do what this guy did instead.


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