Watch This Skateboarder Absolutely Kill It Despite Being Fully Blind


An inspiration to us all.

Going blind out of absolutely nowhere must completely and utterly suck, but it doesn’t have to be the end of the world as we can see in the video below.

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The video features Marcelo Lusardi, a skateboarder from Santiago de Compostela, Spain, who suddenly became blind due to a degenerative disease. Despite this though, he’s managed to keep skateboarding and push it every day and as you can see in the clip below, he’s still able to kill it and absolutely crush some tricks.

OK, I mean they’re hardly the best tricks in the world of skateboarding – although that last one is still pretty tasty – but when you consider that the guy is blind, then they take on a whole new meaning right? Absolutely inspiring stuff from this guy and I for one can’t wait to see him get even better. Amazing.

He’s not the only blind skateboarder though – there’s also this guy who’s been completely blind all his life but managed to start as well. Another inspiring story.


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