This Skate Video Has The Most Unexpected And Insane Ending Ever

Ollie Skating.

You won’t see this coming.

When you watch skate videos, you pretty much know exactly what you’re going to get – some dude nails a sick trick and all his buddies scream and yell for a bit and then maybe they’ll be a bit of goofing around as well. It’s a tried and tested formula that seems to work pretty well, which is why we keep coming back for more.

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However, every now and again something gets captured on a skate video that really does surprise you and make you sit up and pay attention. This is one of those videos. I think it’s just a bunch of buddies filming themselves skating without any major production or anything, but when you see what happens at the end it’s really going to blow your mind. Trust me.

Whoa. Did not see that coming at all right and it kinda dispels any belief that it might have been set up when that two truck shows up to try and somehow salvage it from the complete and utter mess they’ve made out of it.

I’m guessing the crane didn’t secure it properly or forgot to put the car in park or something and it just slid off the edge or something? Absolute rookie error but I suppose it made for one hell of a video right? It’s a pretty dope trick in the first place from Zeroed Bassett too and it makes the video way better that he landed it as well. Awesome.

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