A Six Week Old Baby Was So Badly Abused By His Parents He Needed An Artificial Anus


It’s time for another one of those stories that really does make you put your head in your hands and despair for the world about how people can treat people, especially when it’s their own flesh and blood.

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We’re over in Germany for this one, where two new parents have been accused of abusing their new son so horrifically that he needed to be fitted with an artificial anus. That might be the worst thing that they did to him, but man were there a lot of awful things that they did to this little kid: he also suffered a skull injury, bleeding on the brain, fractured ribs, bruising to the lungs and heart, bleeding from the eyes and a visible and painful bruise on his genital area. Just how and why could these people do this to their newborn child?

The couple have been identified only as Ismail S, 23, and Nina R, 26, due to German laws about naming suspects. We do know that they are being charged with GBH and sexual abuse with a trail set for May and that the boy has been living with a foster family for the last four months since their arrest.

Let’s hope that they’re punished and put away for a long time and that the terrible abuse that the baby has suffered doesn’t affect him for the rest of his life. Not sure if that’s gonna happen, but you gotta hope for the best in these situations, otherwise what the hell have you got?

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