Man’s Rectum Falls Out After Playing Video Games On The Toilet

Rectum out Of Ass

Not a good idea to sit on the toilet for a long time.

Sometimes there’s nothing more relaxing than sitting on the toilet and letting it all come out whilst you mess around on your phone playing games or catching up on the latest news or group convos. It’s nice just to sit back and forget about your troubles in the real world for a few minutes.

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Or so you would think, but it doesn’t always work like that as it led to disaster for one young man from Zhongshan in the Guangdong Province of China, whose rectum ended up falling out of his ass after he spent too long playing video games on the toilet. OK, that wasn’t the main reason but it certainly contributed according to Dr Su Dan, of the Sixth Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat-sen University.

She said the following:

Sitting On Toilet

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The man was diagnosed with a rectal prolapse whereby the end of the inestines loses its attachment within the body and falls out.

It measured 16 centimetres and had to be removed via surgery.

The patient had rectal prolapse since he was four years old, the bulge was able to retract, but he did not treat the condition and the situation got worse.

The prolapse descended as he spent so long in the toilet trying to poo all the time whilst playing his games. This weakened the muscles in the pelvis.

Damn. I guess it’s time to make a resolution to go in and out as quickly as possible this year. I mean it seems unlikely this will happen to anyone reading this because they probably didn’t suffer a rectal prolapse as a child, but damn if I want to do ANYTHING that might encourage my butt falling out. No thanks.

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