These Are The Crudest And Weirdest Cartoons On The Internet



Sir Joan Cornella’s Instagram is one of the weirdest things we’ve ever come across on the internet – even weirder than these Japanese inventions that actually somehow exist.

It’s basically one guy (or girl?) making really weird six panel cartoons with no speech that are often completely lewd, crude and weird and sometimes don’t even make any sense at all – those are probably my favourite out of all them. One of them I did understand was of a guy getting shot in the crotch by a pink bear sat in a tree, at which point another bear wanders along and offers him a tampon, which he gratefully accepts.

You see what I mean? How does anyone come up with that shit? Some of my favourites are below, and if you can figure them out let us know because some of them are beyond messed up.

Joan Cornella 1

Joan Cornella 2

Joan Cornella 3

Joan Cornella 4

Joan Cornella 5

Joan Cornella 6

Joan Cornella 7

Joan Cornella 8

Joan Cornella 9

Joan Cornella 10

Joan Cornella 11

Joan Cornella 12

Joan Cornella 13

Joan Cornella 14

Joan Cornella 15

Joan Cornella 16



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