The Singer Of ‘Beach Slang’ Has Been Accused Of Emotional, Psychological And Narcissistic Abuse

Here we go again.

I remember ‘Beach Slang’ being kind of a big deal in the mid 2010s as there was a lot of hype surrounding them due to Pitchfork labelling them as the new ‘Replacements’ or some such, and they always seemed to be playing shows all over the place. Then one of their guitarists was accused of sexual abuse and they kind of went quiet and fell by the wayside and didn’t really break through into the mainstream as many predicted. I haven’t really thought about them for a while.

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Anyway, what I’m trying to say is that you might have heard of them and that’s why I’m bothering to tell this story as it turns out that their singer/guitarist James Alex is probably a piece of shit as well. This revelation comes courtesy of a Twitter thread from ‘heysweetcharlie‘ who was the band’s tour manager and then general manager from 2016:

Yikes. You can tell by the way that she’s written that and from what she’s saying that Alex has had a profoundly negative impact on her life and pretty much ruined it for over the years they were sending time together. Hoping that exposing him via these tweets and the therapy etc that she seems to be receiving has helped her in her recovery from his vile abuse.

At the time of writing, Alex and Beach slang haven’t responded to these allegations but I’m not really sure what he can say to defend himself here. A number of prominent musicians in the punk scene have already liked the tweets and replied in solidarity with Charlie, so it seems like his behaviour may have been known for some time already.

‘Beach Slang’ themselves have also had 17 different members since their inception in 2013 with Alex the one constant and this sort of corroborates everything Charlie is saying here too. We’ll keep you updated on any developments.

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