The Simpsons Pays Homage To 80s Cop Shows In Ridiculous New Couch Gag

Simpsons 80s Couch Gag

It’s a shame the couch gags are so much better than the show these days.

The couch gag has been a staple of The Simpsons for its 25+ years on the air, and its testament to the show’s writers that they’re still finding ways to reinvent it after all this time – it’s just a shame that can’t really be applied to the show itself though.

In this latest elaborate incarnation of the iconic gag – which runs at nearly two minutes long – The Simpsons pays homage to 80s cops shows and action shows like Miami Vice and Knight Rider . The whole gang is involved and it really is awesome. I doubt I’ll be tuning in for the episode afterwards though.

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Great huh? If only the whole episodes were as good as that these days. For another excellent couch gag though, check out these recent entries.


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