Simon Cowell Slams Louis Walsh’s ‘Juicy Arse’ Claiming He’s Had A Brazilian Bum Lift



Louis Walsh was forced to deny rumours that he had undergone a Brazilian bum lift after Simon Cowell said he did it because he wanted to become “the next Kardashian”.

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The rumour originated from Sinitta, who said that he has had the procedure:

I think Louis looks great, I think he’s had a ­Brazilian butt lift.

He’s got a bit more junk in his trunk — have a look when you see him. We had a good night the other night, we were all drinking champagne.

But with Louis I did have to resist slapping that ass as it has never looked so juicy.


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Lol. This was then backed up by Cowell, who added: 

Yes. Yeah, he discussed it with me. He’s always had a thing about Kim – and deep down he’d probably like to be the next Kardashian.

He’s left it a little bit late but, starting with the bum, why not?

Seems like Cowell’s not the kind of friend you could trust with a secret. Anyway, Louis took to ‘This Morning’ to deny the rumour (skip to about 3.45 to see the relevant segment):

I don’t know about you, but something tells me that he’s not telling the truth about the bum lift – he seemed very uncomfortable and appeared to blush. It does seem odd that both Sinitta AND Cowell would say Walsh had done it. I guess we can’t know for definite and the only way to properly find out is to have a long, hard look at Louis’ butt… and no one wants to do that.

For evidence of why you should never get a Brazilian bum lift, click HERE.


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