Sim City 2013

SimCity 2013

Stop the press, there’s a new Sim City being released and I’ve only just found out?

SimCity 2013

Stop the press, there’s a new Sim City being released and I’ve only just found out?

I was a big lover of Sim City back in the day. Sim City 2000 was masses of fun, even with it’s shitty 2D bird’s eye view graphics. Since an early age I was always really into simulation type games, with Roller Coaster Tycoon kick starting the addiction back when I was about 12 and playing on a PII 200mhz 64MB Ram old school family computer. I can remember getting a ten minute demo of Roller Coaster Tycoon from Computer and Video Games magazine and literally rinsing the 10 minute demo over and over like there was no tomorrow. When I finally got my hands on the full game I was made up, so you can imagine how excited I am to hear that there’s a new Sim City being made.

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My last experience in playing Sim City was a downloaded version of Sim City 4 for the Mac, which I can tell you now was a complete waste of time. Once your city starts to get to a decent size, the whole game completely slows down to an un-enjoyable level. It just gets really frustrating and I would always just start a fresh city because the game play was so horrendous. Hopefully this won’t be a problem with Sim City 2013 because I think Sim City 4 was just a port for OS-X or something which means it wasn’t made to play on a Mac. The developers are keeping Apple users happy this time and releasing a version dedicated for the OS-X. Result.

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There’s also talk about ‘Sim City Worlds’ which sounds like it’s going to turn Sim City into a massive multiplayer game, where I guess you can connect your cities with your buddies from around the world, and maybe even work together on a city, which does sound totally sick.

You can pre-order the game from good old Maxis’ website, and there was a registration to be a beta tester for the game but it looks like registration is closed now. In the mean time here’s a video that one of the new Sim City developers has made which talks you through how to build a basic city and shows off the cool new graphics and game play that we can expect from SimCity/Sim City 2013 or whatever it’s going to be called. Check it:

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