A Definitive Ranking Of The Greatest Goldeneye N64 Cheats Of All Time

Golden eye N64

“Goldeneye, I’ve found your weakness…”

Goldeneye has to be among the greatest games of all-time and certainly the best title to arrive on the Nintendo 64 back in the day. Sorry, Super Mario fans but that’s the truth.

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One of the things that made Goldeneye a stone-cold classic was the way in which gamers could earn amazing cheat codes by completing specific levels of the game in a set amount of time and on a particular difficulty setting.

Pull off one of these challenges and you earned a cheat code that could be activated and used on any number of single and multiplayer scenarios.

To celebrate the N64’s greatest ever game, here are 11 of the very best.

DK Mode

The easiest Goldeneye cheat to unlock, players only needed to complete the game’s “Runway” level on the “Agent” setting in five minutes or less to gain access to a mode that made character models in the game resemble Donkey Kong with weird giant heads, small bodies and big arms. Very odd.

Goldeneye 2

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2x Hunting Knife

This cheat makes the cut purely for the fact the hunting knives on Goldeneye were seriously badass. Complete the “Jungle” level on “Agent” setting in three minutes and 45 seconds or less and you’ll get access to a mode whereby you start every level with a pair of hunting knives. Awesome.

Turbo Mode

Imagine, if you will, that 007 decided to indulge in a little pre-mission recreational drug use. The results would probably be something akin to the Turbo Mode cheat, which greatly increases Bond’s speed and can be obtained by completing the “Silo” level in “Agent” mode in three minutes or less.

Tiny Bond

Proof Peter Dinklage would make an excellent 007 comes with this mode. Complete the “Surface 2” level on the super-difficult “00 Agent mode” in four minutes and 15 seconds or less to unlock a version of the game with Bond shrunk to less than half his usual height.

Slow Animation

Like a slightly crapper version of the “bullet time” feature from The Matrix, this mode slowed down all guard animation speeds, allowing the player to pick them off at ease. Complete the “Depot” level on “Secret Agent” mode in one minute and 40 seconds or less to access.

No Radar

Complete the “Frigate” level in “Secret Agent” mode in four minutes and 30 seconds or less and you got access to this multiplayer-only cheat in which all player radar displays are disabled. It made for a much livelier experience when trying to gun down your mates.

2x Laser

You could start every mission with a pair of “super futuristic” Moonraker Lasers on Goldeneye simply by completing the “Aztec” mission on “Secret Agent” in nine minutes or less. Easy, right?

Bond Invisible

Like playing as Bond if he were a gun-happy ghost, gamers could unlock this mode by completing “Archives” in “00 Agent” mode in just one minute and 20 seconds.

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Paintball Mode

This colourful addition saw any and all bullet holes in the game replaced with colourful paint blotches. Simply complete the “Dam” level in “Secret Agent” mode in two minutes and 40 seconds or less and all this colourful, kid-friendly fun was yours.

Enemy Rockets

Completing Goldeneye’s assorted bunch of Russian army goons and terrorists was tricky enough, but it was a whole other kettle of fish when each and every enemy you faced came kitted out with a rocket launcher or two. Complete the “Streets” level in “Agent Mode” in just one minute and 45 seconds or less and this tricky game mode was your reward.

2x RC-P90

The RC-P90 was the machine gun to end all machine guns on Goldeneye, capable of firing through doors, walls and, most importantly, people. To start every level with two of these bad boys, gamers had to complete the “Caverns” level on “00 Agent” mode in nine minutes and 30 seconds or less, which was quite tricky, actually.

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