This Guy Was Jailed For Silently Standing In Front Of Traffic Repeatedly


A man has been jailed after he repeatedly stood in front of cars and caused annoying traffic jams, without ever saying a word when confronted.

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45-year-old David Hampton would stand in the middle of the road and block off cars from moving, just staring into the distance and not making a sound. When he was arrested he didn’t say a word to police, court officials, prison staff or other inmates.

He’s been convicted 7 times since 2014 when he first committed the bizarre act in his hometown of Swansea, and was given orders banning him from obstructing traffic.

As soon as he was released from prison last July though, he immediately went into the road and stood there like a muppet again, not making a sound.

As he outright refuses to stop doing this and won’t even explain his actions, officials saw it fit that he returns to prison.


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Is it just me or is what this guy doing one of the most terrifying things you’ve ever heard of? I’m getting chills down my spine just imagining driving along one day and seeing this guy stood in front of my car, just silently staring me in the eyes. Very, very odd behaviour. I’m not sure if they’ve searched this guy’s house for any dead bodies in the fridge / under the floorboards but I’d get on that ASAP if I was Swansea police.

Would honestly rather spend a few hours in the company of an actual murderer than to ever be confronted by this guy. At least with a murderer you know what you’re getting.


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