Sign Our Petition To Get MC Devvo His Job As A Primary School Teacher Back


Earlier today it was revealed that MC Devvo had been fired from his job as primary school teacher after those in charge at his school found out about his past ‘career’ as Doncaster’s favourite young rapper.

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We were understandably furious about this as I don’t think that Devvo’s – real name Christian Webb – decision to satirise Doncaster’s culture as a grime MC almost ten years ago has any remit on his current ability to do his job. A job that by all accounts he was absolutely brilliant at according to local parents. Christian Webb doesn’t even really look like MC Devvo anymore so it’s not like anyone would even know that he was MC Devvo unless they were told.

The whole think stinks of PC culture gone mad and we’re sick of it. People should be allowed to make mistakes int heir past and not have their lives and method of employment ruined because of it.

As such we’ve decided to start the following petition that we’ll present to King Edward’s School, Doncaster and The Mayor Of Doncaster in order to get Devvo his job back. Please sign it here – it only takes 30 seconds and could really help out a guy who almost all of us gleaned so much joy from back in the day (or at least his alter ego).



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