This Sick African Dictator Eats His Enemies’ Testicles And Brains To Boost His Sexual Prowess


Don’t let that smile fool you.

The man you can see above you is 74-year-old Teodoro Obiang Nguema and he’s currently the ruler of Equatorial Guinea and is also apparently a cannibal.

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Nguema rose to power in 1979 – killing his uncle in the process – and has ruled over the country ever since then. It’s alleged that those who oppose him politically have been tortured and oppressed, and that when he murders them he also eats their brains and testicles because he believes it boosts his sexual prowess.

Severo Moto, who opposed Nguema politically and is lucky to still be alive, said the following in an interview back in 2004:

He has just devoured a police ­commissioner.

I say devoured because this commissioner was buried without the testicles and the brain.

[He] wants me to go back to Guinea… [so he can] eat my testicles.

He has also skinned his opponents alive and eaten their brains.


Nguema believes that he has developed God like powers from eating other people and this is what has allowed him to remain in power so long. Here’s what one of his former aides had to say about him as well:

He can decide to kill without anyone calling him to account and without going to hell because it is God himself, with whom he is in permanent contact and who gives him this strength.

Right. That sounds a bit delusional but I suppose if you end up working for this guy then you’re just gonna agree with what he says so he doesn’t end up eating you. It’s seriously insane that this psycho can have been in power since 1979 and had nobody do anything about it though.

Or maybe countless people have tried, but thanks to his Godlike powers he hasn’t been able to be toppled? Who knows – I know that it doesn’t sound like a good idea to have this guy calling the shots anywhere though because he sounds absolutely insane. Let’s hope someone sorts him out sooner rather than later.

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