Siberian Husky Eats Space Cake And Gets Proper Baked

This dog is S T O N E D.

In a nutshell, the day after a party, these dudes notice that their dog has turned into some kind of dribbling wreck. They quickly realise he’s been banging down some of their left over space cakes. Woops.

I thought the video would be pretty funny, I mean dogs are pretty daft at the best of times, so a stoned one has to be a riot, right? Well, no, actually I feel pretty bad for the poor fella, he clearly has no clue what’s going on. Maybe he is enjoying it, or maybe his mind is running through nightmarish deserts filled with giant postmen and vets with syringes for fingers. We’ll never know.

Check it out.

Gargantuanly blazed. No doubt. Perhaps not as stoned as that CNN presenter reporting on Colorado’s weed legalisation, but blasted none-the-less.

So, remember folks, always eat all of the space cakes if there is a dog around.


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